Grainfield / Acres of Rust

1/ Faster Rocket Engines Full of Coal

2/ Highways of Montana

3/ Palms to the Sun

4/ I Hate texas

5/ Jane’s Green Eyes

6/ Unpeel the Layers

7/ On the Cross of Your Body

8/ Western Seashore Rainy City

9/ Lovely, Lovely Flowers

10/ Palms to the Sun (Reprise)

11/ Oil Song

12/ Ouachita Mountain

Kendall Boling: Acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizer on 7 and 8, percussion on 7, trombones on 4

Joshua Blevins Peck: Vocals, harmonica on 1 and 6, synthesizer on 4

Lillian Blevins: Backing vocals on 2

Jory Boling: Synthesizer on 11

Gertrude Blevins: Voice on 12

Acres of Rust was recorded in Muskogee, Pryor Creek, Loving, and Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1995.

Music by Boling, words by Peck

Cover photograph: Gertrude and Benton Blevins, New Mexico, 1958

Marc Horton: Cover design

Victor Sedillo: Digitalization, tape hiss preservationalist